Top Market - Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD)


Water-Based Polyurethanes (PUD)

Polyurethane dispersions (PUD) consist of polyurethane particles dispersed in water with the help of a dispersing agent added between the polymer chain. Automotive, building, textile, packaging, recording, etc. It is preferred in many sectors because it is a high performance and environmentally friendly product.

Water-based polyurethanes can be formulated as coatings and adhesives with little or no co-solvent that form films at ambient temperature. They exhibit excellent adhesion to many surfaces, including glass and polymeric fibres. These eco-friendly polymers are non-toxic, non-flammable and do not pollute the air or produce wastewater.

The advantages of water-based polyurethane dispersion products;

• High Mechanical Performance: It has very high mechanical performance compared to nonpolyurethane products. It has similar performances with polyurethane prepolymers.

• High Chemical Performance: Very high hydrolysis resistance, does not decompose in aqueous environments.

• Applicable to Humid Surfaces: Polyurethane prepolymer based systems are very sensitive to moisture on the ground. It cannot be applied to damp surfaces, but PUD systems already contain water in their structures. For this reason, it can be easily applied to all kinds of damp and even wet surfaces.

• UV Non Yellowing: Most of the polyurethane prepolymer based products are aromatic and UV enhancing additives are used to delay yellowing, but yellowing will occur after a certain period of time. PUD systems, on the other hand, are produced aliphatic due to their structure. Therefore, there is no yellowing problem.

• Environmentally Friendly Product: Polyurethane prepolymer based products contain flammable and combustible solvents. It presents risks in terms of environment and human health. Since they are PUD systems, they do not pose any risk to human and environmental health.

Water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUD) are used as adhesives and coatings in the following areas;

• Furniture
• Textile
• Marble / Ceramic 
• Wooden
• Automotive
      • Leather
• Construction 
• Shoes
• Plastics

PURIN continues to produce new and featured products with Polyurethane PUD Technology. The products designed by our technical team or developed in line with the demands of our customers add differences to the market.