PURINATE - Silane Terminated Polyurethane Systems


Silane-Terminated Polyurethane Systems

Silane-terminated polyurethane systems are resins that are widely used in sealing products today with zero isocyanate content. Exposed NCO groups at the ends of the polymers cause high toxicity during curing and gas evolution during the reaction. This situation is eliminated by the use of silaneterminated polymers. These resins are cured by reacting at ambient temperature with the help of moisture and catalyst.

Silane groups in polymer structure;

• Increase the adhesion of the product to areas such as glass, metal or organic surfaces.
• Increase water and corrosion resistance.
• Allow products to remain elastic even after fully cured.
• Ensure that the product is not affected by harsh weather conditions, especially in mastic applications.
• Provide application without primer thanks to the wetting feature it will add to the product.

The main usage areas of these resins are;

• Silane modified adhesive systems
• Silane modified sealing systems