PURINATE - Isocyanate (NCO) Terminated Polyurethane Systems


Isocyanate (NCO) Terminated Polyurethane Systems

The prepolymers that form the basis of polyurethane systems consist of polyol and isocyanate reactions. They are reaction systems in which isocyanates are used more as moles to be isocyanateterminated.

It may contain polyester, polyether, polycarbonate as a polyol. In isocyanate groups, it can be MDI, TDI or aliphatic.

According to the type of raw material used, the following features can be provided to the products;

- Physical resistance

- Chemical resistance

- Hydrolysis resistance

- UV resistance

- Wear resistance

- Return features

These properties should also be supported by polymer structures. The ratio of the soft segment formed by the polyol chain and the hard segment formed by the isocyanate chains in the products add many physical and chemical properties to the polymer.

As PURIN, we provide many prepolymer resins, solvent-based and solvent-free. These resins are used either as two-component systems with polyol or amine systems, or as one-component moisturecuring.

These resins are used in coating, adhesive, impermeable or elastomer systems depending on their type and content. Contact our team for our prepolymer resins with different reaction rates, functionality and solvent content.