PURINAQUA - Polyurethane Dispersions


Polyurethane Dispersions

When water-based polyurethane dispersions are compared with polyurethanes prepared with solvents; It has superior performance properties such as suitable viscosity, flexibility, non-toxicity, non-flammability, high mechanical resistance, stability over a wide temperature range.

Different coatings and glues are used in many areas such as textile, technical textile, shoes, leather, sponge, sandpaper, EVA, furniture, floor coating, insulation membranes etc. The chemical structures of the products are important for the selection of these dispersions.


poliuretan disp1


Polycarbonate polyol based PUD systems: They have high adhesion, high gloss and high hydrolysis resistance.

Polyether polyol based PUD systems: They have high hydrolysis resistance, high chemical resistance and flexibility.

Polyester polyol based PUD systems: They have high adhesion strength and optimum hardness.

Bio polyol based PUD systems: While they have similar performances, they are environmentally friendly products.

Polyurethane Dispersions can be converted into different derivatives with the raw materials used.