PurinAdhe - Membrane Press Adhesive


Membrane Press Adhesive

Membrane press adhesive is an adhesive system with some special additives added to the waterbased polyurethane dispersion used in the bonding process of MDF materials and PVC foils with the help of balloon and vacuum membrane press machines.

In this process, the glue is first applied to the MDF material with a spray, and then the MDF plates are waited for the water in the glue to evaporate. After the surface dries, MDF plates are placed on the vacuum machine. The desired design is placed on the PVC foil and the machine heats the PVC foil. With temperature, PVC becomes flexible from its hard state, then at this temperature the vacuum is activated. The vacuum pulls the foil onto the MDF. With the heat of the PVC foil, the dried glue on the surface on the MDF melts. The molten glue ensures adhesion of MDF and PVC foil to each other due to its adhesion feature. Then the vacuum is removed and coated MDF boards are obtained.


There are two types of adhesives, one-component and two-component adhesive. Although it is mostly used as a one-component, in some applications it is used in a two-component system with hardener.

These systems are used for bonding many materials as wooden materials, repairing and covering home furniture, kitchen, bathroom doors and cabinets. They are used in bonding works where water resistance is required.

Some advantages of Membrane Press Adhesives are as follows;

- They are materials that are sensitive to human health and the environment.

- It is very successful in bonding synthetic materials and natural materials.

- High resistance to water

- It is very easy to apply

- It dries quickly on the applied surface

- Resistant to high and low temperature

- It is often used for bonding products that will come into contact with water.

Membrane press adhesives are used in kitchen, bathroom, furniture, door and cabinet coverings. Please contact us for your adhesive needs in these applications.