UV Curable PUD

UV-curable, water-based polyurethane dispersions rank successfully among innovative products that combine PUD systems and UV curing with their low environmental impact, ease of use. UV curing systems are an effective and very fast method. The applied wet film is exposed to ultraviolet rays and cures in a very short time. UV-Cure PUD systems are applied on the products such as wood and concrete, giving the structure scratch and abrasion resistance. Also, unlike solvents and monomers, they do not smell during application. The VOC content is low or close to zero. Water-based UV-Cure systems provide the advantage of faster drying and fast sanding or second coat application compared to 100% solid UV coating systems.


The applied coatings can be used immediately. Thanks to its resistance to chemicals, it is also used on factory floors. These products can be applied with application equipment such as sprays and curtains. After the application, the water in the wet film must be completely removed from the film before the UV lamp. Specially designed hot air ovens are used for this. The product applied after UV lamp is ready for stacking as it completes its physical and chemical curing.