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Textile Coatings

Textile coatings are applied to a material to modify, enhance or improve its properties.

Textile coatings yield a range of different results, both functional and aesthetic. It is used in many industries, from aerospace and automotive to outerwear and geotextiles.


Chemical coating is a formulation that can be applied to any material in order to improve certain properties of that material or to give it new properties. There is a wide variety of materials to which this can be applied, such as fabric, steel, glass and wood. The different types of properties a chemical coating can impart include water repellency, flame retardancy, durability, antistatic and different colours.

Coatings add value to textiles by improving their performance and aesthetic appeal. Textile coating techniques and technology have developed and diversified considerably in the last few decades as the uses of technical textile materials have increased. These techniques increasingly take into account the impact on the environment. Sustainability and efficiency are two important goals of textile coatings.

There are many textile coating techniques, but they are all similar in that they create a chemical layer on the surface of the material. The chemical compound used and the coating technique all depends on the end-use of the textile.

Textile coating techniques are as follows;

Direct coating: Spread the chemical on the textile with a fixed blade

Transfer coating: The chemical is first applied on a paper and then adhered to this textile. Finally, the separable paper is separated from the textile and the coating process is completed.

Spray coating: The chemical coating is sprayed directly onto the textile.

Extrusion coating: The plasticized coating is passed through a coating mold and transferred directly onto the textile

Foam coating: Normally used for knitted or woven fabrics, a foam coating is present on the textile surface and then applied onto the textile with a roller.

Coated textiles are used in many areas such as agriculture, automotive, clothing, home furniture, medical, protective clothing.

Polyurethane coating materials are mostly offered with solvents that are harmful to humans and the environment, such as DMF. These materials, which are mostly used in the production of artificial leather, are not used in time due to these disadvantages. Many textile coatings are made with polyurethanes using different solvent systems.

As PURIN, we are working on the production and application of water-based polyurethanes instead of conventional polyurethane coatings. Water-based systems both eliminate the disadvantages of solvents and enable the design of higher performance products.

Polyurethane coatings are preferred in many areas such as artificial leather, original leather, raincoats, work clothes, tents and tarpaulins, sportswear and shoe textiles. We need to be very sensitive in choosing these chemical coatings that are close enough to touch our skin. For this reason, PURIN offers you solutions in this field with its water-based polyurethane systems.