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Textile / Leather

The performance and design diversity of the products, with the coatings and laminations to be made on textiles, ensure that the products carry high value.

We can say that polyurethane coating or polyurethane adhesive is used in many products in the textile and leather sectors. In many areas such as artificial leather, real leather, swimwear, raincoat, home textile, underwear, sportswear, shoes, there are polyurethane materials at the points that come into direct contact with our skin.

The sector is in a constant pursuit, improvement and sustainability target. The three most important issues are;

1. Selection of chemicals that are safe for health,

2. High performance products

3. Endless kinds of designs


There is hardly any area where chemical materials are not used. For this reason, the selection of chemicals to be used has become very important. Water-based polyurethanes are the product group that we think provide performance, support for design diversity and reliable chemicals that can meet the needs of the sector.

We provide water-based polyurethanes that we produce with PUD technology with different designs for all kinds of applications and methods. In addition to textile and leather covering materials, we provide lamination glues for different materials such as textile, sponge and leather. Some applications are as follows;

• Artificial leather and real leather finishing systems
• Artificial leather production
• Sportswear coatings
• Raincoat, tarpaulin etc coatings
• Shoe inner sole lamination
• Women's underwear sponge-textile laminations
• Home textile laminations

You can contact us for our high-performance water-based polyurethanes that are sensitive to people and the environment.

Textile Coatings

Textile Coatings

Tekstil kaplamalar bir malzemeye özelliklerini değiştirmek, geliştirmek veya iyileştirmek için uygulanır.
Technical Laminations

Technical Laminations

Water-based and Solvent-based textile lamination product groups