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TDI Elastomers

TDI Elastomers, a hot cast polyurethane prepolymer, are used in the most demanding applications where high performance is required.

These type of elastomers are obtained with TDI-based prepolymers and amines or mixtures to be used in equivalent ratios at temperatures between 100-150oC with 12-24 hours waiting times.

Polyester/TDI and Polyether/TDI are generally used in their formulations. Raw material selection and hardness selection should be made according to the place to be applied.


TDI Elastomers are generally in solid form due to their structure. In order to liquefy the prepolymers, they must be melted before application.

They have good mechanical properties such as superior abrasion resistance, high flexibility, high load carrying capacity, shear, tear resistance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

Industrially, these products are widely used in the mining, industrial tires, pallet truck wheels, coatings, pressure rollers and metal fabrication markets.

We can summarize the differences between TDI and MDI elastomers as follows;

TDI ElastomersMDI Elastomers
  Not sensitive to moisture   Very sensitive to moisture
  Easy to mix   Care should be taken to mix
  Manufacturing is not so critical   Require precision manufacturing
  Up to 85D Shore hardness   Have a very wide hardness range
  Short reaction time (cure)   Sometimes long reaction time (cure)
  Not very sensitive to Cure parameters   Very sensitive to Cure parameters
  Pot life and demoulding time difficult to adjust     Easy to adjust pot life and demoulding time  
  Mixture viscosity increases slowly   Mixture viscosity increases rapidly
TDI EsterTDI Eter
Main FeaturesMain Features
  Excellent abrasion and tear resistance     High abrasion resistance
  Low compression set   High resilience
  High resistance to chemicals   Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  Easy processing (production)   Excellent behavior at low temperature  
    Good tensile strength
    Easy processing (production)
    Low compression set
  Tires   General purpose applications
  Wheel casting   Wheel casting
  Pipeline inspection indicators   Cushion pads
  Scrapers   Springs
  Cutting pads   Industrial rollers
  Squeegees / Windshield wiper   Seals