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Decomposition, erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, and groundwater movements in water-permeable soils can cause deformation of the structure of the soil, and voids might occur. The stability and safety of the infrastructure can be damaged by unstable, eroded, or loose soil surrounding it. Unstable soil can threaten the structures, such as buildings, bridges, and roads.

Ground stabilization, also known as soil stabilization is the process of increasing the soil’s ability to support weight and tensile strength. This provides a more secure foundation for building and construction projects, as well as the ability to address existing problems with the earth and subsoils.

By injecting polyurethane resins into loose or less dense soils, voids, gaps, and fissures, the earthen substrate is strengthened and waterproofing is achieved. PURIN provides an extensive range of injection systems for soil stabilization solutions. PURINSEAL products are designed for specific applications such as ground stabilization, void filling and soil lifting processes. Different injection products can be used depending on the structure of the soil, or the application technique. Please contact our PURIN technical experts for more information on the best product for your situation.


Ground Stabilization Injections

Our products used in ground stabilization are as followed:

At this application, two component polyurethane injection products are preferred. One component products need water to react. One component products cannot be used as there is not water in every area where ground stabilization is conducted. Two component products fill in the voids in short time by quick reaction and ensure ground stabilization.

PURINSEAL EN 402: This two component low viscosity product is used to fill in the low volume voids or cracks. When contacts with water it forms little foam. It is applied with two component injection machine. However, according to the demands, it can also be applied with one component injection machines by expanding pot life.

PURINSEAL EN 403: This two component low viscosity product is used to fill high volume voids occur on the ground. When the two components are mixed, it forms foam by reacting without any need of water. Preferring this product in high volume voids provides a cost advantage. It is applied with two component injection machine.

(cP, 23ºC)
  Mixing Rate  StructureStarting
of Reaction
of Reaction
    PURINSEAL EN 402     325 1 : 1      It does not swell in anhydrous environment (Shore 70D)         20 sec (sn)       100 sec (sn)   
PURINSEAL EN 403 325 1 : 1 Creates rigid foam by itself in anhydrous environment 10 sec (sn) 80 sec (sn)