PurinAdhe - Sanding Lamination


Sanding Lamination

These glues, which have very strong adhesion performance, form a soft film by providing excellent adhesion of the textile fabric to the sandpaper. Since the fabric is elastic, it provides permanent adhesion without deforming when the fabric is stretched after the lamination process. There are aromatic and water-based product groups offered to this sector.



Solvent-based products can be applied cold without the need for a heat process. It is necessary to use a vacuum system only to eliminate the solvent generated during production. These products provide the laminated process by curing with the humidity in the environment after the solvent is removed. Compared to hot melt systems, they maintain their initial adhesion without the need for physical form change.

Water-based products, on the other hand, do not emit irritating odors during production, as well as solvent products, and help you make healthier production. These glues, which are incomparably superior to glues such as water-based latex or PVA in this sector, are fired during production and the water inside is removed, and the drying film shows excellent adhesion to the materials to be laminated, while providing high washing resistance after drying. These products, which are packaged as ready to use, are designed in accordance with spray or roller lamination production processes. In addition, since it creates an elastic film after the lamination process, it provides permanent adhesion without deforming when the fabric is stretched.