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Polyurethane coatings are used in many areas for protection, performance enhancement or visualization. It has different applications in solid, liquid or foam form.


There are many application methods of polyurethane coatings, such as casting, applying, spraying, roller, stripping, depending on the type of product.

The main sectors of polyurethane coatings are as follows;

Building and construction: It is widely used in this field to prevent corrosion and make materials more durable.

Furniture: It is used for the protection of furniture.

Textile: It is used to make textiles water-resistant (raincoat, swimwear, diapers, tent, shower curtains, etc.) or for design purposes (leather or artificial leather).

Automotive: They are popular coating materials in the automotive industry, from scratchresistant paints to coatings on windshields to make surfaces stronger.

Electronics: Electronics are sensitive to atmospheric changes. They can easily be compromised by corrosion in a matter of seconds. Polyurethane coating can stop damage caused by humidity and other effects in the environment. (Protects sensitive electronics such as motherboards in computers)

As a result, polyurethane coatings special products that protect materials from water, prevent scratching, prevent cracking with their flexible structure, and do not allow the formation of bubbles or loose areas between surfaces thanks to their good adhesion performance.

Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing Membranes

Water-based polyurethane membrane systems with PUD technology are offered with primers, filled and transparent structures.
Textile Coatings

Textile Coatings

Textile coatings are applied to a material to modify, enhance or improve its properties.