PurinAdhe - Adhesives



As PURIN; We offer our products in the following product groups to many sectors as one-component or two-component in line with the demands.

๏ Solvent-based polyurethane adhesives

๏ Solvent-free polyurethane adhesives

๏ Water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUD)

Textile lamination, furniture lamination and flexible packaging lamination are our prominent sectors. Apart from this, the general products we produce are as follows;

๏ Rebounden sponge adhesives,

๏ Rubber binder adhesives,

๏ Dish sponge adhesives,



We recommend water-based polyurethanes (PUD) for adhesive processes in many areas and we solve the needs of our customers with business development studies in this area. We eliminate problematic factors such as solvent and free isocyanate in other product groups.

Membrane Press Adhesive

Membrane Press Adhesive

Membrane press adhesive is an adhesive system with some special additives added to the waterbased polyurethane dispersion used in the bonding process of MDF materials and PVC foils with the help of balloon and vacuum membrane press machines.

Textile Lamination

Textile Lamination

Lamination process, which is one of the most important applications in the textile industry, is the most critical quality element of the final product.

Sanding Lamination

Sanding Lamination

These glues, which have very strong adhesion performance, form a soft film by providing excellent adhesion of the textile fabric to the sandpaper.