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MDI Elastomers

MDI elastomers are designed as two-component or three-component. While these components can be MDI-based prepolymer and short chain polyol components, sometimes they can be mixtures of prepolymer, short chain polyol and long chain polyol.


1,4-butanediol is short-chain polyols in elastomers. In addition, HQEE, 1,3-propanediol and other similar materials are also used.

Raw material selection and appropriate hardness are determined according to the desired performance for the application area. For this, a prepolymer and polyol mixtures with the appropriate polyol system are determined. Appropriate mixing systems are designed with short chain polyols.

As with TDI systems, these applications are usually carried out at high temperatures. The most important difference is that TDI prepolymers and the amine derivatives used are more harmful than MDI systems.

We can summarize the differences between TDI and MDI elastomers as follows;

TDI ElastomersMDI Elastomers
  Not sensitive to moisture   Very sensitive to moisture
  Easy to mix   Care should be taken to mix
  Manufacturing is not so critical   Require precision manufacturing
  Up to 85D Shore hardness   Have a very wide hardness range
  Short reaction time (cure)   Sometimes long reaction time (cure)
  Not very sensitive to Cure parameters   Very sensitive to Cure parameters
  Pot life and demoulding time difficult to adjust     Easy to adjust pot life and demoulding time  
  Mixture viscosity increases slowly   Mixture viscosity increases rapidly
MDI EsterMDI Eter
Main FeaturesMain Features
  Excellent abrasion and tear resistance   High abrasion resistance
  Good chemical resistance   High resilience
  Excellent dynamic properties   Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  Excellent resistance to internal heat build-up     Excellent resistance to microorganisms  
    Compatible with food contact
  Scrapers   Hydraulic seal/td>
  Couplings   Hydrocyclone
  Doffer (for cotton picking machines)   Flotation cells
  Squeegee / Windshield wiper   Timing belt
  Wheel casting   Textile rollers
    Mine dumping site