PURINATE - Hydroxyl Terminated Polyurethane Systems


Hydroxyl Terminated Polyurethane Systems

Hydroxyl-terminated polyurethane systems are structurally isocyanate-free and hydroxyl-terminated structures at the ends. These systems are mostly used in lamination processes.

These products can be made in different designs according to the required features.

- Different reactivity (rate of reaction)
- Polymer structures that will provide different chemical and physical resistance
- Two or more functionalities (number of reactive tips)
- Solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free designs
- At desired viscosity values
- Suitable for different hydroxyl numbers (provides different mixing ratios)

The resulting hydroxyl-terminated products can be formulated with two or more components. The hardening components of hydroxyl-terminated polyurethane resins can be suitable polyisocyanate resins (isocyanate-terminated resins) depending on the solvent content.