PURINAQUA - Heat Activated PUD


Heat Activated PUD

Heat-activated adhesives are applied as liquids. After drying, the polymer film dries at room temperature and is non-sticky. The polymer film, which has dried at varying temperatures depending on the product, melts and becomes sticky. This adhesive form ensures the adhesion of the relevant surfaces. When the temperature disappears, the surfaces and the polymer between them cool down and an excellent adhesion result is obtained. Thanks to the special production technology, when the temperature is applied again, this time the polymer structure does not change and does not lose its adhesion. Adhesion is achieved with a one-time heat activation.


Our products have different activation temperatures between 55-90ºC. Depending on the bonding process and surfaces, the most suitable product and auxiliary product is preferred.

It can be converted to 2K systems by adding cross-linkers as an auxiliary product to the system. In this way, higher adhesion performance, high heat resistance after adhesion and high washing resistance are provided.


Heat activated resins can be formulated and used in the following areas; 

- Shoe sole bonding
- In the lamination of sponge-leather, sponge-textile on the insole of shoes
- 3D furniture glue (membrane press glue)
- Automotive interior laminations
- In flexible packaging lamination