PurinElas - Cold Cast Elastomers


Cold Cast Elastomers

Elastomers are unquestionably versatile engineering materials. They behave very differently than plastics and metals, especially in terms of being deformed and restored under load.

Unlike plastics and metals, all elastomers have the ability to return to their nearly original shape after the force that causes major deformation by stretching, compression or bending is eliminated.

Cold cast polyurethane elastomers are used in a wide variety of applications, from flexible polyurethane resin or foam to very rigid plastics.

These systems are formulated for application at room temperature and do not require any heat to cure. This feature provides ease of product use in a simple and fast way.

Cold cast elastomers are two-component systems. Product design can be realized in accordance with the desired pot time.

It is suitable for the use of both low and high pressure mixing equipment.

Cold cast polyurethanes typically have application areas such as concrete molds, architectural shapers, filtration units.